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Better Sleep for Your Health

There’s nothing better for your health than a good night of sleep.  Not only does sleep “recharge” our batteries, but it plays a vital role in our physical well-being, from weight loss to disease prevention to our complexion. It’s one of the most important things we can do for overall health. Considering we sleep on […]

Afternoon Naps May Boost Brain Function

The ability to think clearly, make important decisions, and preserve memory becomes more critical as we age. New research into the role sleep plays in mental function as we age, may indicate that taking an hour long nap in the afternoon could be key in boosting brain function. In a recent study in China, published […]

Talalay Latex

When it’s time to choose a new mattress, the majority of consumers think heavily about how a mattress feels (which is important!) but spend no time thinking about what it’s made of.  We believe that mattresses and sleeping environments should be safe as well as comfortable, and you shouldn’t have to compromise one or the […]

Your Bedroom Chemistry

When we talk of chemistry in the bedroom, you might think we’re referring to romantic chemistry.  While that’s an important factor in the bedroom, we’re referring to the hidden chemistry that could be lying beneath your sheets, and could cause much worse than bad vibes in the bedroom. If you’re sleeping on a conventional mattress, […]

Organic Mattress Labels

We recently came across the following article from Consumer Reports and found it to be full of excellent information about the certifications and labels you should look for when shopping for an organic mattress. Consumer Reports Organic Mattress Labels  

Sleeping Naked

Nothing feels better than slipping into your favorite pajamas after a long day. Whether they’re silky, flannel, cotton, baggy, have polkadots or cartoon characters, there’s nothing like them. Pajamas are wonderful for lounging around the house, but for sleeping there may be a better option: sleep naked. What if we chose to ditch the pajamas […]

The History of Sleep Organics

sleep organics photo showroom august 2016

Below is a brief history of Sleep Organics, including the motivation behind opening the store and the importance of these products on our health and our planet. If the format seems a little unusual, this was originally collected as a question-and-answer interview for an article that appeared in Natural Awakenings Magazine in August, 2016. 1. How […]

Chemicals Could Be Lurking in Your Mattress

Did you know that, in 2005, an independent lab tested a memory foam mattress and found it to emit 61 chemicals including the carcinogens benzene and naphthalene? Most mattresses contain petroleum-based materials that emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These VOCs can cause respiratory problems and skin irritation. They also contain formaldehyde, used to make adhesives […]