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How Long Will An Organic Mattress Last?

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How Long Will An Organic Mattress Last?

Much like their human owners, no mattress is immortal. Most mattresses are made with materials that, for cost reasons, aren’t made with maximum durability in mind. If you’re only willing to pay $250-$500 for a new mattress, chances are good that the one you’re considering wasn’t designed with long-term endurance as a selling point. It might work well for a few years, but you’ll start seeing (and feeling) lumps and sags sooner rather than later. You get what you pay for, as they say, and it definitely pays to invest a little bit more for a well-made mattress if you can afford it.

Sleep Organics knows that buying a new mattress can be a big deal for you. With that in mind, today’s blog will be all about mattress longevity and how it should shape your purchasing decision.

How Sleep & Personal Behavior Affect Your Mattress

One factor in how long a mattress will last is based on your sleep patterns and physiology. If you’re a sleeper who only rests in one position throughout the night, it will create an impression in your mattress that will, with time, begin to permanently sag after repeated use. Most of us experience some kind of position change throughout our sleep cycles, so this generally isn’t an issue for the majority of bed owners.

Your body weight plays a part too. People of heavier weight will put more pressure on their bed, wearing down the materials and resulting in a shortened mattress lifespan. Lighter people obviously exert less pressure, therefore extending the lifespan of their mattress.

Similarly, Using your bed as a storage top for heavy items will inevitably affect its durability, so keep those exercise weights and packed storage boxes off the edge of your bed!

How you care for your mattress can also play a part in its longevity. Keeping it clear of dust and debris can go a long way in keeping it in great shape. For tips on how to clean your mattress, read our blog on the subject here.

Material Can Make A Difference

A mattress made with inferior materials will not reliably last you more than 10 years, no matter how well you take care of it. Innerspring mattresses in particular are prone to wearing out quickly, in part because the metal springs that make up the internal parts of the bed lose their “springiness” after just a few years of use. Unless it’s flipped over frequently, you’ll soon end up with a sag in the middle of an innerspring mattress that’s hard to ignore.

The same can be said for foam and hybrid mattresses. Although they work wonderfully for the first few years, flaws start to show as they begin sagging and bulging. Both these types of mattresses, just like innersprings, require you to occasionally flip them over in order to stop sags from appearing too early in their lifespans.

Conversely, natural latex mattresses are built to withstand regular, repeated usage. 100% natural latex is astoundingly durable and makes a perfect material for high-quality mattresses. If you take proper care of an organic latex mattress, it can last you up to 25 years. Not only are natural latex mattresses long-lasting, but they are naturally dust mite-resistant and antimicrobial.

Should You Invest In An Organic Mattress?

Is it worth spending more for an organic mattress? The easy answer is yes, if you’re willing and able to invest a bit more in one. Buying a new mattress is about more than money — it is a decision that can affect your overall health and well-being. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a cheaper mattress will be the better investment for you!

Sleep Organics Has What You’re Looking For

We offer a fantastic selection of blue-ribbon, organic latex mattresses that will provide you with ultimate comfort and peace of mind when it comes to you and your family’s health. Not only do they last for up to 25 years, they are all-natural and use only certified organic components.

Let Sleep Organics give you a well-deserved rest!