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Sleeping Naked

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Sleeping Naked

Nothing feels better than slipping into your favorite pajamas after a long day. Whether they’re silky, flannel, cotton, baggy, have polkadots or cartoon characters, there’s nothing like them. Pajamas are wonderful for lounging around the house, but for sleeping there may be a better option: sleep naked. What if we chose to ditch the pajamas every now and then, and go natural? Studies have found a number of benefits associated with baring it all at bedtime.


How rested and rejuvenated you feel is all about the quality of your sleep. When you shed unnecessary layers, this allows your body to cool down more easily and creates a more comfortable environment for sleep. If you have night sweats, you’re less likely to wake up when sleeping naked than you might in those flannel PJs. Studies have shown the ideal bedroom temperature for sleep is 65-70 degrees F but you may not want to crank the A/C that low, especially in the summer time. Instead, try sleeping naked as a more cost effective option that may also help you sleep deeper and wake up feeling more rested.


Cortisol, or stress hormones, can lead to an increased risk for health conditions including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, decreased immunity, increased appetite, or an increase in body fat. The good news is, when your body has an easier time cooling down and finding a comfortable temperature at night, this can help naturally decrease cortisol levels. If sleeping naked can help decrease the “stress” then why not?


Your skin needs to breathe, especially after donning restrictive and uncomfortable clothes all day. Think about it, when does your skin have a chance to breathe completely? If the answer is a brief daily shower, that may not be enough. An additional 7-8 hours of sleep can give your skin more time to rejuvenate. At night your body releases growth and anti-aging hormones, but if your body temperature is too high, less hormones are released. If you’re tossing and turning while fighting your bunched up clothing, you also aren’t getting the quality sleep you deserve, which might mean a morning of baggy eyes or looking “tired”. If you want to wake up with glowing morning skin, sleeping naked might be the trick.


Not only might sleeping naked help your skin, your stress levels, and your overall sleep quality, but think about the laundry pile too. Imagine, a little less laundry and less energy expended doing it! You can even view sleeping naked as a way to be more eco-friendly.


We should all feel comfortable in our own skin and acknowledge our body as nature intended, without clothing. It’s intimate to sleep naked and, while it can create some vulnerability, it can also lead to healthy changes in your life. You may be surprised just how incredible it feels to be you.
Though it may sound bold or crazy, sleeping naked may be the best and most natural thing that ever happened for you and your body. You don’t have to ditch the comfy pajamas, they’re great for watching a movie or curled up with a cup of tea. When it’s time to head to bed, though, toss them aside and see how you feel after a night of sleeping in the buff. You won’t know until you try!