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Want To Maximize Your Sleep Environment? Here Are 5 Tips!

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Want To Maximize Your Sleep Environment? Here Are 5 Tips!

Most humans will sleep one-third of their life. That’s a lot of time! Sadly, between 50-70 million Americans every single year will suffer from some kind of sleep disorder. Furthermore, almost 40 percent of those suffering from sleep disorders report unintentionally falling asleep during the day. If sleep is so important, why aren’t people taking the proper measures to make sure they get the best sleep possible? In most cases, people consider sleep to be waste of time, although a necessity of survival. In some cases, those suffering from disorders or other conditions imply can’t get the sleep they desperately need.

In this post, Sleep Organics shares five tips on how to maximize your sleep with how you setup up your sleep environment. How important is your sleep environment? Numerous studies have pointed at environment being one of the most important factors next to your bed as determining quality of sleep. Ready to improve your quality of sleep now? Shop our organic bedding products like pillows, sheets, and more online right now! While you wait for your order to arrive, read this post to learn more!

Five Sleep Environment Improvements

Think About Your Bedroom Differently

For most, the bedroom is an extension of the kitchen, living room, and bathroom all rolled into one. You check your phone, watch television, and, in some cases, eat while laying in bed. The unfortunate part is that all of these activities dampen the effects of your sleep once you finally roll over, toss the chips to the floor, and bury your phone beneath your pillow. It’s time you change how you think about your sleep environment. It should be a sanctuary. If you spend one-third of your life sleeping, and your sleep directly affects your health, you need to take it more seriously.

Declutter Your Bedroom

If you want to get extreme, all that should be in your bedroom is your bed, blackout blinds, and a nightstand for a gentle-waking alarm clock. Otherwise, your bedroom is for sleep, nothing else—beside routine intimacy. Furthermore, you want zero blue light in your bedroom. Blue light slows the production of melatonin, which is the natural chemical that induces sleep in humans. Your phone, television, and digital readers all emit blue light. It’s no surprise you can’t fall asleep once you hit the pillow if you engage with these devices consistently in your bedroom.

Quiet The Room

You want your bedroom to be quiet. Natural ambience of crickets or nature in general helps. However, the noise of a television in another room will keep you awake, or at least keep you from getting into deep sleep where your body does all of its healing. Remember, it’s not necessarily sound that disrupts your sleep, but, either the interruption of consistent noise, or the sudden absence of noise that will interrupt your slumber. Television, video games, and other digital devices typically include the sudden blast or change in noise levels to keep your attention. This will interrupt your sleep.

Darken Your Room

Get your room as dark as possible. This means blackout blinds for any windows. Look into blocking any and all light from under the door. Finally, if you must keep electronics in your room, make sure all light is blocked from your body. Did you know your skin is a photoreceptor for light? This means that as light interacts with your skin, it prompts the production of the relative chemical. In the case of sunlight, your body begins to wake up. When it’s time for sleep, you want your skin to think this, too.

Decrease Room Temperature

It’s been shown in various studies that the ideal sleeping temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees fahrenheit. As you fall asleep, your core temperature decreases, which makes it easier to “sleep” through the night. When your body has to work to regulate a colder core temperature, it’s spending energy to do so instead of on other sleep-time obligations. In most cases, it’s best to sleep naked with a moderate comforter atop you. This, ideally, will help your body to achieve temperature equilibrium. Want to take things a step further? Consider organic bedding products.

Sleep Like Nature Intended

Sleep Organics takes pride in the ability to provide its customers with certified organic bedding products like pillows, sheets, and more. If you’re looking to get a better night’s rest, include natural bedding and the tips in this post. Ready to buy bedding? Shop our products online!