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Your Bedroom Chemistry

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Your Bedroom Chemistry

When we talk of chemistry in the bedroom, you might think we’re referring to romantic chemistry.  While that’s an important factor in the bedroom, we’re referring to the hidden chemistry that could be lying beneath your sheets, and could cause much worse than bad vibes in the bedroom.

If you’re sleeping on a conventional mattress, you could be exposing yourself to harmful chemicals and toxics that you could be breathing in, for 8 hours a night.  That adds up to a third of your life!

These toxic chemicals and flame retardants have been found to off-gas into the air, creating an unhealthy indoor air quality that you could be completely unaware of.   The good news?  There are safer, healthier alternatives!

At Sleep Organics we carry only products that are certified for your health.  All of our mattresses and bedding are free of flame retardants, and any toxic chemicals that could off-gas.  Our mattresses are made of materials like organic cotton, organic wool, organic latex, organic kapok, or even buckwheat.  All of our mattresses feature a cover constructed of organic cotton with organic wool batting, which acts as a natural flame barrier.  No chemicals needed!

Not only are these mattresses better for your breathing space in the bedroom, but they can also help with health problems such as the aches and pains that can be all too familiar to some of us.  Many of our mattresses at Sleep Organics are completely customizable, allowing you to mix and match firmness layers, and even further customize each side of your mattress if you partner needs a firmer or softer feel.  No compromises, not even in the bedroom.

Beyond your mattress, the wood furniture in your bedroom could also have toxic stains or finishes which could emit harmful VOCs.  If your furniture contains particle board, mdf, or toxic glues, the chemistry could be even worse.  You can breathe easy, however, with our platform bed and furniture options which feature low or no-VOC and water based stains and finishes.  Some are built right here in the U.S., with North American hardwoods.  It doesn’t get more natural than that!

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, the place where you retreat and recharge.  Why not make it the most natural place in your home, without any bad chemistry that could be affecting your health or your sleep?  We’re confident in our products at Sleep Organics and know they can bring a more natural balance to your bedroom chemistry.